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GWAPA Art Representatives represents and supports a select number of highly talented viusal artists from its Amsterdam based agency.


Promoting and connecting talented visual artists and art lovers from all over the globe.


Art Galleria Trinidad

Toni Naples

Frank Gonzales Martinez Havana

Hanoi Art Gallery

Purchase or rent

In addition to purchasing art, GWAPA offers both companies and private clients professional flexible art lending at attractive rates. Get acquainted with our clear advice, the ease of the complete service and experience our unique art collection. It has never been so easy to decorate your office or home with art that suits your organisation.

Trial placement

GWAPA gives you the opportunity to request a trial placement for your favourite artwork free of charge and without obligation. Our art advisor will show the artwork, with possibly one or more inspiring alternatives, at your home or office so that you can experience the artwork in your own environment. If you like it, you can buy it or rent it, otherwise we will just take it with us again.

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